Programs & Services

Group Programs

Alouette Addictions Services offers a number of groups and one-on-one counselling, as we continue to meet the needs of the Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge community. All of our group programs are drop-in, and no registration is required.


11:00pm–12:00pm Early Recovery Group

3:00pm–4:00pm Art Therapy(Sarah)

5:00pm–7:00pm Drop-In One on One Counselling

7:00pm–8:00pm Relapse Prevention (Melanie)


8:30am–11:00am Drop-In One on One Counselling

3:00pm–4:00pm Anger Management (Tammy)


5:00pm–7:00pm Drop-In Counselling One on One

3:00pm–4:00pm Positive Thinking (Steve)

7:00pm-8:00pm Affected Group (Heather/Steve)


8:30am–11:00am Drop-In One-on-One Counselling (Heather)

1:00pm–3:00pm Community Service Drop-In

3:00pm–4:00pm Mindfulness (Heather)


8:30am–11:00am Drop-In One-on-One Counselling

3:00pm–4:00pm Mental Health & Addiction (Lawrence)

Services Offered

  • Counselling for any person or family member affected by alcohol and/or drug misuse.
  • Education programs and group experiences geared toward the special needs of our client population.
  • Assessment and referral to other resources as appropriate i.e. detox centres and residential treatment programs.
  • Outreach and education to groups who may be at risk of developing a substance misuse problem.
  • Specialized programs for high risk youth and their families.
  • Parents Group.
  • Outreach Team with outreach workers and tenant support workers.
  • Funding support for individuals who are at risk of losing their housing and/or are currently without housing.
  • Information and training for professionals in the community on a variety of substance misuse topics.
  • Prevention programming and promotion of the healthy community concept.
  • Fun In Recovery for individuals in Sober Living, learning to enjoy life without substances.
  • Consultation with Mental Health Therapists.
  • Opioid Replacement Therapy Clinic with two doctors accepting patients for methadone and/or suboxone.

Please call Alouette Addiction Services at 604.467.5179 for more information. Our services are free and confidential.