Alouette Addictions shares in the mourning for the 215 indigenous children recently discovered in an unmarked grave in Kamloops, and for all the victims of Canada’s residential school system.

We join with other Canadians to demand that the Government of Canada identify the children found at the Kamloops site and to fund full investigations into all former residential sites in accordance with the recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Report.

Alouette Addictions will continue to engage with reconciliation as it relates to our work and to actively seek indigenous partners’ knowledge and guidance.

We recognize that reconciliation will succeed only if Canada’s government works toward achieving justice for all indigenous peoples.

Important Notice to Alouette Addictions Services Clients During COVID-19:

Alouette Addictions Services recognizes that the support, guidance, and resources we provide are essential to the wellbeing of our clients, something that will not change even when faced with a global pandemic. In order to continue offering assistance while still complying with government guidelines, we have modified our services to practice physical distancing. The health and safety of our employees and clients are our top priority and we appreciate your cooperation during these strange times.

Current changes to our services include:

  • Masks are mandatory to enter the building as per BC provincial regulations
  • All first-time counselling sessions will be conducted over the phone or through Zoom (call the front desk on 604 467 5179 ext. 101 to set up an appointment)
  • OAT clients will be contacted by phone to reduce the number of face-to-face visits . Patients are instructed to not come in unless otherwise specified. If you have any questions regarding your appointments or your prescription, contact Sue at 604-467-5179 ext. 102
  • Drop-in Counselling has been replaced with phone-in counselling during our regular drop in hours based on a first come, first served system.
  • Group sessions are being held through Zoom. We will have our weekly group links as well as more information on how to join a meeting posted here.
  • Outreach workers are limited in their ability to transport clients to appointments or partake in home visits. Contact and support will primarily be via phone.
  • Seating in the reception area has been removed – loitering in the building will not be tolerated
  • Harm reduction supplies will be made available at reception; a more liberal carry policy will be observed

For more information on how the COVID-19 virus may affect you, call 1-888-COVID19 or click here.

Alouette Addictions Counselling and Prevention Programs

Alouette Addictions Services offers counseling supports to adults and youth in the Pitt Meadows/Maple ridge community who are impacted by substance use.  This might be an individual struggling with an addiction, or a family member impacted by another’s substance use.  Funded by Fraser Health, our services are provided at no cost to you.  Alouette Addictions offers one on one counseling (by phone or virtually) as well as a daily (virtual) group.    All of our group programs are drop-in, and no registration is required.

  • You can access services by calling during our daily drop-in.
  • To have your name added to the drop-in list, call 604.467.5179 ext.101 at the start of the drop-in time: Mondays and Tuesday evenings from 5:00 – 7:30 pm, and Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8:30 – 11 am. Leave your contact information with reception, and a counsellor will call you back when they are able.
  • Drop-in counselling services are offered on a first come, first served system.

Additionally, Alouette Addictions offers prevention services to school aged youth with brief individual support, as well as groups and presentations.  We also offer more intensive supports to youth with a substance use issue.  To access our prevention services, please call Alouette Addictions Monday and Tuesday 8:30 am – 8:30 pm and Wednesday to Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm at 604 467-5179 ext 101.

Due to COVID-19 we have been offering our daily Groups via Zoom, effective until further notice. To join a Zoom group contact reception staff to be added to the daily Group link email list. If you have any trouble accessing these groups, contact your counsellor or reception.

Clients are still able to have counselling sessions, but they will be one on one phone or video call sessions.

MONDAY (Open 8:30am-8:30pm)
3:00pm–4:00pm SMART Group
5:00pm–7:30pm Phone-in One on One Counselling

TUESDAY (Open 8:30am-8:30pm)
3:00pm–4:00pm Anger Management Group
5:00pm–7:30pm Phone-in One on One Counselling

WEDNESDAY (Open 8:30am-5:00pm)
8:30am–11:00am Phone-in One on One Counselling
3:00pm–4:00pm Positive Thinking Group

THURSDAY (Open 8:30am-5:00pm)
8:30am–11:00am Phone-in One on One Counselling
3:00pm–4:00pm Mindfulness Group

FRIDAY (Open 8:30am-5:00pm)
8:30am–11:00am Phone-in One-on-One Counselling
3:00pm–4:00pm Relapse Prevention Group

Please call Alouette Addiction Services at 604.467.5179 for more information. Our services are free and confidential.

Alouette Addictions Services Offered

  • Counselling for persons impacted by Substance Use or a family member affected by another’s substance use.
  • Education programs and group experiences geared toward the needs of our client population.
  • Daily group meetings with a variety of topics related to addiction recovery and its challenges.
  • Specialized group dedicated towards people that are affected by others’ addictions.
  • Assessment and referral to other resources as appropriate i.e. detox centres and residential treatment programs.
  • Outreach and education to groups who may be at risk of developing a substance misuse problem.
  • Information and training for professionals in the community on a variety of substance misuse topics.
  • Prevention programming and promotion of the healthy community concept.

Other Services offered at Alouette

  • Our Outreach Team provides community support and resources including housing subsidy support for individuals who are at risk of losing their housing and/or are currently without housing.
  • Opioid Replacement Therapy Clinic with two doctors for Opiate substitution medication such as methadone and/or suboxone.

If you have any further questions about how Alouette Addictions will be operating at this time, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Understanding Youth Drug Use and Overdose

Overdoses are increasingly linked with fentanyl, a synthetic opioid 50 to 100 times more toxic than morphine. There is no way to know if a drug is safe or if it contains a lethal amount of fentanyl or other contaminants. Learn how to recognize signs of overdose and how to speak with your children about substance abuse.
Download the OD Response Fact Sheet for Parents

Alouette Addictions Services promotes healthier lifestyles free from substance abuse in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, British Columbia.

Substance abuse affects all of us directly or indirectly. Alouette Addiction Services provides the opportunity to learn about addictions and find ways to minimize the impact they have on each person’s life.
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