Individuals who present themselves to Alouette Addictions for services are believed to have the ability to change, and to be able to be responsible for his or her own healing. The solutions to problems lie within the individual, and the role of the agency is to assist the client in the journey of self-exploration and self-discovery.

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Alouette Addictions Services

#106–22838 Lougheed Highway
Maple Ridge, British Columbia
V2X 2T8

Phone: 604.467.5179
Fax: 604.467.8592

Regarding our regular services, Groups will be held via Zoom.  Counselling sessions including drop-in counselling will be over the phone.

Hours of Operation                                                                                                                          





Closed for lunch from 12:00pm–1:00pm on Monday, Thursday, and Friday.
Closed Weekends, Long Weekends and Holidays.

Drop-In Counselling    

Monday       5:00pm–7:30 pm

Tuesday       5:00pm–7:30 pm

Wednesday 8:30am–11:00 am

Thursday     8:30am-11:00 am

Friday          8:30am–11:00 am

Staff Directory

Doug Sabourin
Executive Director
ext. 110

Karen Silva
Office Manager
ext. 111

Sue Kelly
MOA/Office Manager
ext. 102

Kristy White
ext. 102

Gemma Briggs
ext. 101

Emily Sztabkowski
ext. 101

Dorothy Henneveld
Clinical Supervisor
ext. 109

Meghan Wallace
Adult Counsellor
ext. 115

Tammy Marsten
Adult Counsellor
ext. 106

Heather Talbot
Adult Counsellor
ext. 114

Stephen Quinlan
Adult Counsellor
ext. 107

Jena Kruckenberg
Elementary Prevention Worker/Adult Counsellor
ext. 112
cell: 604.319.7334

David Kazun 
High School Prevention Worker/Opioid Response Worker
ext. 112
cell: 604.910.3958

Katelyn Ross
School Prevention Worker/Adult Counsellor
ext. 108
cell: 604.315.2741

Cheryl Finnie
Mental Heath Outreach Worker
ext. 103
cell: 604.910.5818

Laurel Hickman
Outreach Supervisor
ext. 116
cell: 604.329.2575

Faith Haedler
Community Outreach Worker
cell: 778.868.1674

Jessica Catherall 
Community Outreach Worker
cell: 604.910.9156

Kim Willis
Community Outreach Worker
cell: 778.899.5848

Danica Lindsay
Community Outreach Worker
cell: 604.619.4363

Sandra Damon
Community Outreach Worker
cell: 604.817.8976

Brittany Dent
Community Outreach Worker
cell: 604.992.3815