Season’s Greetings to all Alouette Addictions Services Society Members!

Traditionally, Alouette Addictions provides extra help for Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows residents during the holidays.

Days are shorter and nights longer and colder at this time of year which means that many of Alouette Addictions’ clients need extra food and warm clothes.

In past years, hampers have been distributed to residents that we have come into contact with , but this year, because of the pandemic, we have had to do things a little bit differently. Instead of distributing food hampers, we are now giving out gift cards to local stores where clients can purchase the things that they need. by distributing gift cards, we are able to comply with social distancing health regulations.

As in past years, local residents, churches, businesses and service clubs have been generous in their support. Housing outreach workers and counsellors have been busy identifying those that they know need extra help. It is because of the compassion of local residents that Alouette Addictions continues to provide this special seasonal service.

This year, Alouette Addictions has been operating an isolation centre for local residents who are waiting for their COVID test results and for those that need to quarantine. The Iso Centre will be open throughout the holiday period in the event that people need to socially isolate .

We are proud that Alouette Addictions has offered unbroken services during the current pandemic and other than statutory holidays, we will continue to offer full services throughout the Christmas season.

Our thanks to all of our faithful supporters and members for your compassion and support.

With best wishes for the holidays!

Alouette Addictions’ Board of Directors and staff